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We focus on R & D, design and sales service of independent brand products in the field of industrial computer, server and industrial communication
Professional industrial communication solutions are widely used in many industries.
  • Network Security Solutions
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  • Intelligent transportation solutions
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  • Network Security Solutions
    Based on x86-Intel, domestic independent controllable platform, including a variety of customizable sizes, with multi-network, no fans, low power consumption and other features, with excellent data ...
  • Industrial Automation Solutions
    The automation hardware platform is applied to a new generation of manufacturing equipment such as industrial computers, industrial tablets, industrial PCs, and human machine interfaces (HMI), and deployed ...
  • Intelligent transportation solutions
    In the transportation field, make full use of the Internet of Things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, automatic control, mobile Internet and other technologies to control and support all aspects of ...
  • Safe City Solutions
    With the rapid economic and social development, the floating population continues to gather, the urban population and the urban-rural fringe are expanding rapidly, and the community population is becoming m...
Company Dynamic
  • Exhibition review | IOTE international iot exhibition finale, review the moment with you!
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    New Year new atmosphere, new course! The third training course of TOP-TEK Training Institute (the training cycle is one year) was successfully held on 09:30, January 12, 2020. Making still further progress, based on the present, laying a solid foundation, looking forward to the future, and striving ahead, TOP-TEK Training College will continue to build on the past, keep pace with the rapid development of the company, contribute to the cultivation of talents, the establishment of a learning organization, give full play to the hematopoietic function of the enterprise, and create an outstanding enterprise training college in the industry!
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    On the afternoon of January 20, 2019, TOP-TEK's 2018 End Party was held grandly in Fubao Industrial Park, Dalingshan Town, Dongguan city! Mr. Liu Xiaoxiong, chairman of the board, representatives of shareholders and senior leaders of the company all came to the site, hand in hand with all the staff spent a happy year-end party. This party is mainly divided into general manager speech, outstanding team/staff award, league dinner, performance, lucky draw five links.
Industry Information
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    The function and working principle of optical fiber switch: Optical fiber switch is a kind of high-speed network transmission and relay equipment, which USES optical fiber cable as the transmission medium compared with the common switch. The advantages of optical fiber transmission are fast speed and strong anti-interference ability.
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    Network managed switches are more powerful than non-network managed switches. It typically provides simple Network Management protocol (SNMP) for monitoring connection status, STP, other qOs-like advanced performance, and VLAN. These characteristics vary from vendor to vendor and model to model. Nm-type switches are much more expensive than non-NM-TYPE switches, and their configuration takes more time than non-NM-TYPE switches. Plug-in operations are usually performed.
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    The stack is the connection between the backplanes, making several switches into a whole. A cascade is a connection to a port. Cascades are Shared, stacks are exclusive. Cascades are connected to other switches through one port of the switch, while stacks are connected through the back of the switch. Although both cascades and stacks can expand the number of ports, each switch or switch after cascades is still logically a plurality of devices managed by the network, while the stacked switches or switches are logically a single device managed by the network.
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